Our Services

Upon receiving the confirmation for the shipping window, we will nominate suitable vessel in good condition to load the cargo.

All due diligence is done to manage /minimize the risk.

Precise and crystal clear charter party agreement with well-defined terms, no hidden clauses.

Full survey and tally of cargo at load port to ensure quantity/quality problems.

Hose testing of ships hatch covers to avoid any water ingress through hatch covers to cargo holds.

Exclusive loading, no mixing up with other shippers cargo, straight sailing to the discharge port to make sure timely delivery of the cargo.

Experienced professional surveyor nominated by our Pni club will attend and supervise loading, who will make sure sufficient dunnage/kraft papers used to minimize cargo damage and for adequate protection.

Balanced demurrage clause to make sure owners will get damages for the delays if the vessel is delayed and shippers will be paid dispatch money if loading or discharging completed before the expiry of allowed time.

24 hours satellite tracking and weather routing service to guide the master about weather in the sea and forecasts.

Well knitted network of strong and reputed shipping agency network throughout India and rest of the world. Who will make sure efficient handling of the ship, supervision of loading/discharging with very minimum port delays. All port information/intelligence on finger tips.

The West of England P&I Club Correspondence are presented to support us at all ports, pni correspondents does cargo survey, tally, port intelligence, local port rules /regulations.